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HIIT & EPOC Training in Kelowna: Get the Afterburn with Orangetheory Fitness

HIIT & EPOC Training in Kelowna: Get the Afterburn with Orangetheory Fitness

Your Kelowna Gym Might Be Holding You Back from Your Peak Fitness

Our motto here at Orangetheory is “work for 1 hour, burn for 36”. That is because of the effect that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has on your body, with a rippling effect that goes on long after you have left the gym for the day. Quantifying the extra calorie burn of a HIIT workout has only been examined by researchers recently, and what they found was that the body continues to react to intense exercise by increasing oxygen consumption, provoking a faster metabolism that is referred to as “afterburn”. Is your workout stimulating your body after you’ve put the time in? Get the most out of your exercise regimen, get the Orangetheory advantage!

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Best Fitness Classes in the Okanagan, with HIIT and EPOC

Attending our group workouts will bring as much power and determination to your exercise as you have inside. Our goal is to get your heartrate up, because when your blood is pumping you are working toward that afterburn that will give you that ongoing metabolic boost. With our training, members typically burn between 500 and 1000 calories per hour, providing them with a significant afterburn. When your body is kept at a high heartrate, it must work harder to provide the necessary oxygen to all areas of your body. If that exercise is a HIIT regimen, then it will continue after the exercise, in what is called “excess post-exercise oxygen consumption”, or “afterburn”. After the workout, your body is still working to bring itself back to a resting state – until you stop producing additional oxygen, your body is burning additional calories to supply and transfer that oxygen around your body. Orangetheory is built around this human body mechanic, and with our specialized workouts and heartrate tracking equipment, we are able to provide the best workout, and you are able to track your progress and performance during it.

When you sign on at Orangetheory, you get much more than a typical gym membership. No matter which program you sign on for, you will receive “sessions” that will get you exercising with one of our amazingly talented coaching staff. Get your body burning, during and after your trip to the gym – level up with Orangetheory Fitness!

Give us a call at (250) 860-6888 to find out how Orangetheory gives you a calorie burn like no other gym can! Try us for free, click here to sign-up for a workout!



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