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Five Benefits of Group Fitness Training

Five Benefits of Group Fitness Training

We believe in the benefits of group training at Orangetheory Fitness, encouraging everyone to give it a shot. New clients can try us out for free – Sign up for a Free Trial in Kelowna here! For people who are new to training in a gym setting, group training will be motivational and educational. Seeing others at varying skill levels participating, with our expert trainers coaching their form, we are able to offer a holistic workout that encompasses all areas and major muscle groups. This means that when you leave Orangetheory, you can rest assured that your time spent in our studio has been rewarding for anything you might be doing in your day to day life. Whether it’s lifting boxes or pushing carts, our training will put that spring in your step, growing in strength with each additional class.

Group Fitness - Exercise Team | Orangetheory Fitness

The Five Main Benefits of Group Fitness Training


Have you been to a gym before and found it difficult to get your blood pumping to its maximum? Group training with a dedicated trainer will give you that push to get moving and burning calories. We are constantly tracking your heart rate, allowing the trainer to assess your current activity level and adjust the exercises to suit. Our trainers are trying to keep you in the “Orange Zone” for a set period of time. When you hit this zone, calories are burnt much faster. When this happens, your body will experience an “afterburn” where you continue to burn calories for up to 36 hours!


Practicing your exercise form with others will help you to realize where your form needs improvement. Whether it is lifting weights or performing a row, your form is fundamental to getting the most out of each rep. Our goal is to educate you on the right way to perform an exercise, so that every minute in our training sessions will have you working at your peak.


Being alone at a gym is no fun compared to working with a group. There is a morale boost to completing each exercise alongside other participants. Our weight loss challenge was designed with this in mind, we are trying to encourage all participants to lose as much as possible over a 6-week period. Meeting other people at these group sessions serves as a second boost to your motivation. Or bring a friend in to your exercise routine at Orangetheory and see how far you can go together. It is a great chance to push yourself and reach a new fitness level!

Constant Variety

Each exercise is different from the last, working a different set of muscles and allowing you to build up to new personal bests. Our coaches will use circuit training, and high intensity interval training (HIIT) to get your blood pumping to that ideal “Orange Zone”. Changing the exercise up means that you get to work another area of the body while still reaching that high intensity ideal zone for burning calories.

It’s Fun

As you burn calories through HIIT training, we will do our best to create a fun atmosphere that will keep you coming back to meet with your group and get that workout in. Each day will be unique in its own way. Our trainers vary the exercises so that there is no drudgery or repetition, each day will have its own challenges, but they will be designed for you to have fun doing it!

Group Fitness - Exercise Team | Orangetheory Fitness

Get down to Orangetheory Fitness in Kelowna and get involved in our 6-week weight loss challenge! Free Registration for new clients! It is a great opportunity to win prizes and set new goals for yourself.

We can’t wait to hear from you, give us a call at (250) 860-6888 with any questions you may have.


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