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What is it?

The Transformation Challenge is an 8-week challenge with results! You’ll be amazed by how much you can transform your body with consistency, support, and killer workouts! Every participant will have an initial weigh-in, so we can track your progress. You may just be the big winner at the end – or should we say loser – and be rewarded with a CASH PRIZE! Entry fee is $25.


Start: January 29, 2018
End: March 25, 2018

You’ve heard this before.. New Year, New YOU! It’s now time to ACT on it! Commit to your body and pre-register now at no cost! We’ll contact you with more info!

Transformation Challenge Pre-Registration

Make big changes, win big rewards.

We’ll be giving away prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for both men and women! Winners will be determined by the highest percentage of weight loss. Other prizes to be won throughout the challenge as well!

Waive Your Entry Fee!

As a member, refer a friend (who’s not a member) and sign-up for the Challenge before January 15th and we’ll waive the entry fee for both you and your friend! You must be a monthly a member to participate in this challenge.

Why Orangetheory Fitness?

The BEST place to make your fitness goals a reality! Our OTbeat system – a 5-zone Heart-Rate Monitored program – will push you to meet your goals. In realtime, you can monitor how much you’re pushing and how much you’re burning. You won’t get instantaneous feedback from any other group fitness workout! Plus, our experienced coaches and upbeat atmosphere will have you sweating and transforming every workout from start to end. Become a member at the best time, and kickstart your fitness goals by participating in our Transformation Challenge!

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